Fishing Tools Overview

Fishing Tools Overview


Taper Taps:

Mills Machine's case-hardened, heat-treated Taper Taps are designed to thread into the  inside diameter of an object (fish) lost at the bottom of a hole. These tools are built with standard tool joints to meet your specific requirements. Through years of experience, Mills Machine has learned that when a taper tap is required, it is needed immediately. Because of our large variety of Taper Taps and sub adapters in stock, we are prepared to meet any emergency need you may have. Our standard stock sizes are designed to pick up most standard small to large drill rod sizes. We also offer a quick turnaround for custom manufactured tools to meet your specific requirements with options consisting of breakout flats, right-hand or left-hand wickers, any thread, special lengths, oversize guides, mill guides or wall hooks.


Overshots (rotary die collar) are manufactured like taper taps except they are made to go over the outside diameter of the object lost down hole. Like taper taps, overshots are stocked in a variety of sizes and connections so we are able to ship immediately. Overshots and taper taps share the same options.

Junk Mills:

Our junk mills are designed to eliminate steel objects that cannot be fished by milling them up with a special carbide coated face.

Additional Tools:

We also offer a variety of other fishing tools and accessories that range from simple to complex fishing tools and their accessories. The releasing and circulating overshot is the strongest external catch fishing tool designed to let go of the fish if it becomes stuck in the hole. When the pipe is imbedded into the sidewall of the hole, a wall hook may be used to catch and guide it into the overshot. If the hole is larger than the fish an oversize guide may be required to center the overshot or taper tap in the hole. Multi-step fishing tools can catch different sizes. Internal releasing spears are available and work just like the releasing overshot designed to release the fish if it becomes stuck in the hole. These spears are sized to the specific pipe being used and normally require a little longer lead-time.