Pipe Handling Tools (Section 9)

Lifting Plugs
Lifting plugs (non-swivel) are used to handle heavy equipment such as hammers, rock bits, stabilizers, and hole openers. They are made from 4142 heat-treated alloy steel with heavy duty fabricated bails. The lifting plugs are available with any pin or box thread.

Pipe Tongs
Pipe tongs are designed for making up and breaking out drill pipe, casing, and pneumatic drills on light rigs. Tongs come with chain and heavy-duty bolts that make it easy to quickly change from one diameter pipe to another. Required formation: pipe diameter, type of tong (buck-up, bull or drill pipe, etc.) and handle length.

Casing Slips
Casing slips are available to meet your specific steel pipe diameter or as an adjustable slip. The adjustable type handles 1 1/2 through 8 5/8 OD. These slips feature a fabricated steel construction with replaceable alloy dies, the casing slips are used to hold drill pipe, pump drop pipe or any steel pipe or casing.

PVC Pipe Clamp
Adjustable PVC pipe clamps are available in three size ranges: 1/2 to 2, 2 to 6 and 8 to 10. These clamps are easy to use and require no inserts. Made with an alloy aluminum base, they are lightweight and portable.

Pipe Alignment Clamp
• Ratchet closure for speed and ease of aligning pipe ends.
• Precision machined to facilitate a close tolerance alignment for welding.
• Heavier and larger crossbars to assure straight alignment between the two joints of pipe.
• Wider stance for the roundabouts or sides of the ensures a firmer and more
 secure hold on the pipe ends.
• Also available with arched cross bars to allow full circle welding without
 removing the clamps. 

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