Mills 4 wing 9 1/2" PDC bit ready to be shipped out to our customer.

7 1/4" of our 2 piece NW6R Drag bits finished and ready to be painted Mills Machine blue. Check out our line of drag bits here

Benefits of Pipe Alignment Clamps:

  • Ratchet closure for speed and ease of aligning pipe ends.
  • Precision machined to facilitate a close tolerance alignment for welding.
  • Heavier and larger crossbars to assure straight alignment between the two joints of pipe.
  • The Wider stance for the roundabouts or sides of the clamp ensures a firmer and more secure hold on the pipe ends.
  • Available with arched cross bars to allow full circle welding without removing the clamps.

8.25" Hollow Stem Augers ready for shipment to our customer in California (click photo for more)

6 Wing Drag Bits waiting to be shipped out.


An Underreamer freshly painted and drying out in the sun