Drag Bits (Section 6)

Mills Machine Company has been manufacturing Drag Bits for over 50 years and has established industry standards for Quality and Custom Design. In 1976 we introduced our W6R line of drag bits which featured weld on field replaceable blades. This particular style of drag bit is still available as well as the individual weld on blades. After the W6R line had been out in the field for awhile we soon realized that our customers were starting to experience a problem in welding the blades back onto the shanks properly. One of the problems was that the old weld was not being removed from the shank and some blades stuck out further than the others and the other problem was that the proper cutting pitch was not being added so, the bits did not cut efficiently. So, in 1990 we introduced our new NW6R line of bits that features a two-piece design. The first piece is an NW6R connector, which is made from heat, treated alloy steel that has the thread of your choice on one end and our special tapered NW6R box thread on the other end. The second piece is an NW6R Head which features a replaceable and interchangeable cutting head that has carbide inserted blades and our NW6R pin thread on the other end. The main advantages to using the NW6R System are versatility and economics. This system offers the option of merely unscrewing the NW6R Head and throwing it away when it is worn out or you may increase or decrease the size by screwing on a larger or smaller NW6R Head. You may also change the bit style to a heavy duty design which features thicker steel blades and carbide inserts or change it to a different blade configuration like a Chevron or Apex style for tougher formations. The NW6R System is economical because it saves you the cost of the alloy heat treated shank each time that you need a new bit and eliminates the reworking process of a one piece bit where the blades would have to be torched off and new ones welded on. NW6R Reamers and Stabilizers may be added between the connector and head to ream out the hole or stabilize the bit, both of these options are inexpensive alternatives to buying a one-piece design. We also, have one piece forged design drag bits available in a step or chevron type and with standard pin or box threads. For larger size holes we offer our D6R Drag Bit line which features heavy duty bolt on teeth with carbide inserts. Sizes range from 12 1/4 - 110 diameter and can be manufactured for Regular or reverse circulation.

Whether your application is in Water Well, Mining, Construction or Exploration Drilling, Mills Machine has the custom designed bit to meet your requirements.


Drag Bits