Solid Augers Overview

Solid Augers Overview

Solid Augers from Mills Machine are furnished with rugged steel flighting, heavy duty steel center shaft, and have a variety of cutter heads available. Used for utility, industrial, mining, and construction applications, they are available in standard diameters from 3 1/2″ to 48″. Larger sizes are available upon request. Standard solid augers are 5 ft. long and have a hex pin up and a hex box down.

Several cutter head styles are available, ranging from a fish tail or screw bit design for soft formations, forged steel finger type for soft to medium formations, and a carbide-tipped bullet cutter for medium to hard formations. Each type of cutter head is specially designed in a spiral shape or with flighting to efficiently convey the cuttings or spoils to the auger flighting.

Mills Machine Company excels in custom designed augers and cutter heads. We have presented several drawings on these pages to show some of the versatility in our product design. Available are standard flow and jet auger designs (drill rod with flighting), cutting heads for standard duty or heavy duty, tough drilling applications. Custom diameters, variations of pitch, flighting, and connections are just some of the custom options available. Let our experienced sales people help you match your desired designs with our broad experience and custom manufacturing abilities.


Solid Augers

Solid augers have a hex shank (pin) up and a hex socket (box) down. The standard length is 5′ with other length sections available. All Mills Machine built solid augers have hard surface coating on the outer flighting edge.

*Solid Auger diameters are designated by the hole diameter cut by the solid auger cutter head.

The actual diameter of the auger is smaller so the auger flighting conveys the cuttings and the cutter head does the work.

See “Auger Diameter” column above for actual diameter of the auger.

DescriptionPart #HexPitchAuger DiameterLbs.Kg
1 11/16″ Diameter Center Tube with 1 1/8″ Hex Shank
3 1/2″ Hole SizeSA3121181 1/8″3″3 7/16″ O.D3515.9
4 1/2″ Hole SizeSA4121181 1/8″3″4″ O.D3917.7
5″ Hole SizeSA5001181 1/8″4″4 1/2″ O.D.4018.1
6″ Hole SizeSA6001181 1/8″5″5 1/2″ O.D.4319.5
2 3/8″ Diameter Center Tube with 1 5/8″ Hex Shank
4 1/2″ Hole SizeSA4121581 5/8″3″4″ O.D.4821.8
5″ Hole SizeSA5001581 5/8″4″4 1/2″ O.D.5223.6
6″ Hole SizeSA6001581 5/8″5″5 1/2″ O.D.5324
7″ Hole SizeSA7001581 5/8″5″6″ O.D.6228.1
8″ Hole SizeSA8001581 5/8″7″7″ O.D.6328.6
2 7/8″ Diameter Center Tube with 1 5/8″ Hex Shank
9″ Hole SizeSA9001581 5/8″7″7 7/8″ O.D.7734.9
10″ Hole SizeSA10001581 5/8″8″8 7/8″ O.D.8739.5
10” Hole SizeSA10002002”8”8 7/8” O.D.9040.8
12″ Hole SizeSA12001581 5/8″9″10″ O.D.10246.3
12” Hole SizeSA12002002”9”10” O.D.10547.6