The Mills Casing Cut-off Tool and the Mills Knife Perforator are indispensable tools for the well abandonment process, each serving a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient closure of wells. Let’s delve deeper into the features and functions of each tool:

Mills Casing Cut-off Tool:

  • 4” – 5” Option: The 4” Casing Cut-off Tool has an option to be expanded for use in 5” casing by adding a longer cutter and special bushing.
  • Dual-purpose design for 6” and larger: Equipped with both roller underreamer and casing cut-off arms, allowing for versatile use in drilling or well abandonment operations. This feature enables seamless switching between functions, optimizing efficiency.
  • Field-replaceable blades: The casing cutter arms feature uniquely heat-treated blades that are field-replaceable, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Activation mechanism: Activates utilizing air or fluid pressure within the range of 100-150 PSI, offering ease of operation and compatibility with standard pump pressures.
  • Spare nozzle: Supplied with a spare nozzle to accommodate most pump pressures.
  • Efficient casing removal: Primarily designed for removing casing from the borehole during well abandonment, providing an efficient and reliable solution for this critical aspect of the decommissioning process.

Mills Knife Casing Perforator:

  • Slot cutting: Designed specifically to cut slots into the casing, allowing for the injection of grout to seal the well effectively during abandonment. This process ensures proper closure of the well, preventing any potential environmental hazards.
  • Standard sizes: Available in standard sizes suitable for casing ranging from 4″ to 24″, offering compatibility with various well sizes commonly encountered in well abandonment projects.

Both the Mills Casing Cut-off Tool and the Mills Knife Casing Perforator are integral components of the well abandonment toolkit. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for safely and efficiently decommissioning wells, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and minimizing any potential risks to surrounding ecosystems.

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