Die Collar Overshots



The Mills Machine Overshot is a rugged, external catch, fishing tool that is economical and simple to use. Overshots are manufactured like taper taps except they go over the O.D. of the fish. Like taper taps, overshots are stocked in a variety of sizes and standard connections so we are able to get something to you rapidly. To build an overshot from scratch takes four to six days due to the heat treat process necessary to harden the teeth. It is speedier to build a sub to fit a stocked overshot and match your needs than to build the entire product. We can build the overshot with oversize guides to more easily catch the fish or with a wall hook to snag behind a fish leaning against the drill hole wall. Your Mills sales representative will work with you to get the fastest solution to your problem at the lowest cost. The carbonized threads on overshots are extremely hard and brittle. Be extra careful to avoid impact. In use, slowly lower the tool down the hole until the fish is engaged. Then slowly rotate the tool while applying some down pressure. Mark the drill rod to tell how far into the fish you have penetrated. Overshots can be reworked by annealing, re-threading the overshot and then re-heat treating the re-threaded area. We will quote you pricing as necessary.