Junk Mills



If you cannot fish it out or if you run into concrete and rebar, it is time for the Junk Mill. Mills Machine manufactures these rugged mills from 4142 heat treated steel and a composite matrix of large chunks of cutting grade or milling grade, crushed tungsten carbide rod 1 1/2″ to 2″ thick on the face.

With this mill you can eliminate anything in your way – rock, drill pipe, casing, tool joints, reamers, and rock bits. To order please specify:

Size O.D. ______________________

Object to be Milled_____________

Footage to be Milled____________

Tool Joint _____________________

Flats or Knurl _________________

Face Structure: Flat, concave, convex, tapered or pilot reamer face. ________________________________

Circulation ____________________

Stabilizer ribs ________________

Fishing neck dimensions_________

Hole size or if inside casing, casing size_____________________

These mills can be reworked several times to lengthen their life. Please call for rework prices. If its down hole and you need to get rid of it, the Junk Mill is the tool to use.